Management Consulting


Welcome to Denitz Bros S.L.

Denitz is a company created by a group of professionals with long experience in the areas of Quality, Finance, Marketing and Information Technology (IT), which was founded in 2002 in Madrid (Spain).

Its team is made up of highly qualified professionals, being 90% senior graduates of various specialties (engineers, economists, etc.), which also include people with the highest levels of qualification in Six Sigma and Lean. 


Provide consulting services according to the needs of companies and client organizations, to help them get compelled towards excellence, to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their products, services and processes, while increasing the satisfaction of their own clients, and therefore to improve the bottom line. 


  • Be recognized as an expert company in implementing appropriate solutions to the needs of clients, in the areas of Quality consulting, Excellence models, and business Processes improvement as imbricated with Information Technologies.
  • Be a Spanish market reference in the implementation of Six Sigma.
  • Offer an excellent Service to the clients, in every solution that is deployed.